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Collaboration feature
Real-time collaboration
Google-Docs style real-time collaboration for improved workflow and teamwork.
Use pre-configured templates for efficient and consistent results.
Efficiently tackle larger simulations with seamless scaling
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Powerful Features to Streamline Your Simulation Workflow
Project management
Project management
At its core dicehub is a project and data management tool which serves as a centralized all-in-one platform for more efficient and novel engineering techniques.
Template-based engineering
Template-based engineering
Use pre-configured templates for specialized cases or create your own templates to share with colleagues or the large community of simulation engineers.
Flexible deployment
Flexible deployment
Keep the freedom and flexibility to decide where your data is stored and what resources are being used. Select the cloud provider (AWS, Azure, Google, Hetzner, ...) or install dicehub on premises depending on your requirements.
Project management
Programmable API
Use our GraphQl API or the dicehub python library to script your own automated simulation workflows. At its core dicehub is a project and data management tool
SaaS / PayS Model
SaaS/PayS Model — Pay as you scale with dicehub - our transparent pricing structure means you only pay for what you use, making it the flexible and cost-effective choice for all your fluid dynamics simulation needs.
SaaS / PayS Model feature
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