Your application for simulation operations

A cloud based all-in-one application for simulation operations (SimOps) with real-time collaboration, workflow automation and HPC scaling.

Why dicehub


Accelerate Your Workflow

Accelerate complex Simulation Operations (SimOps) through simplified and carefully designed configurations and intelligent templates.


Collaborate in Real-Time

Collaborate with engineers around the world in real-time and together accelerate your overall product engineering performance.

Scale and Manage

Scale & Manage HPC Resources

Easily scale up and run your HPC (High Performance Computing) applications on AWS, GCloud or your own HPC cluster.

Accelerate your workflow

dicehub helps simplify time consuming tasks like monitoring, configuration, computing resource management and data analysis.

Collaborate with others in Real-Time

dicehub allows engineers to assist each other world-wide, share their technical expertise while avoiding time consuming communication delays and large operational costs.

Scale and manage your HPC resources

Keep the freedom and flexibility to decide where your data is stored and what resources are being used.
Select the cloud provider (AWS, GCloud, Hetzner), your local HPC center or use your own PC/Laptop depending on your requirements without any long-term commitments.

Powerful web technology for faster collaborative workflows

You can try out the webassembly version of our visualization tool in the demo window below.